Doha Ait

Program Manager

Doha Ait Ahmed joins Smile Train in the capacity of Program Manager, Morocco, responsible for establishing Smile Train supported comprehensive cleft care partnerships and training programs in the country.

She brings on board extensive experience in helping people improve their lives through  learning, development  and opportunity. Her origins go back to Agadir, a city in Southern Morocco famous for its beautiful beaches and strong Amazigh (Berber) influence. Doha earned her B.A. in English from Ibnou Zouhr University, making English the fifth language she has mastered.

Doha started her career as an international development trainer in Peace Corps Morocco 2001-2008, Doha acquired a long professional experience in enhancing Peace Corps volunteers’ life and training in Morocco. Her job with the U.S Peace Corps constitutes of various tasks: Her jobs there varied from being a  teacher, homestay coordination, health liaison, to cross-cultural training coordinator.

Doha joined Amideast in 2008 as a group leader, language teacher, cross-cultural trainer, translator, and academic excursion organizer.

Doha expanded her experties to become the Program Manager 2009-2020. Overseeing all of Student Academic, safety and security, cultural  and professional Services for AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program, she had the unique responsibility of ensuring student safety while at the same time ensuring that students were receiving the most rewarding and challenging experience in Morocco; academically and socially. And were satisfied with their host families; with their language partners; and with the cultural activities. Doha was also in charge of their content courses and Arabic classes. As a program manager, Doha worked tirelessly to complete all assignments on time and prepared calendars, orientations and reflections for Amideast programs. She also designed outlined sessions in the program calendars that she developed. Another task that she was excellent at since October 2009 was being the primary contact and the face of the Ed Abroad customized programs as well as long term programs.

In Summer 2013, Doha worked as the Institute Director for Critical Language Scholarship in Rabat where she oversaw the flow of all aspects of the program: academics, language and cultural activities, and cultural excursion throughout Morocco.

Doha acted as the emergency contact reference, problem solver and counselor for all Programs. She was always dedicated to deliver an excellent service and relationship to all students and their universities. These qualities of her work ethics were reflections of her  personal character of discipline, patience, and dedication, all as invaluable assets to embark on a new career path.

Notable achievements throughout her career;
Doha won "AMIDEAST President’s Superior Performance Award’’ for 2017. This award was earned for dedication and creativity.
Doha was the Ed Abroad team main leader when AMIDEAST education abroad ranked the fifth best program worldwide in 2013 in terms of quality and excellent services delivered to study abroad foreigners.