Leila Kigha

Content Creator

Leila (Lei’lah) Kigha is the Content Creator for Smile Train Africa.

She is a member of the Communications team and is resourceful in strengthening the storytelling initiatives for social media and website platforms in both English and French. Her presence furthers one of Smile Train’s four key objectives: ‘Fostering a global cleft community through awareness and education to reduce stigma and ensure acceptance of cleft.’

Leila has vast experience in media and PR. She has worked as a broadcast journalist for TV and radio and served as a station manager, editor in chief (for English, then French news desks), TV and radio news presenter, field reporter, and content creator/editor for bustling newsrooms.

Prior to that, Leila worked as the PR officer of a non-governmental organization, where her duties involved building, maintaining, and managing relationships and contracts with existing and new partners. She also oversaw the research and preparation of press releases, advertorials, press conferences, and other projects. This gave her a wide experience in relationship management while working with several government departments, embassies, and international organizations in Cameroon.

The self-driven mother of one is a certified brand strategist, a skill she has used over the past six years to help brands develop and implement social media strategies and build brand-recognition and awareness while maintaining their unique voices.

Beyond her networking and creative skills as a self-taught video editor and graphic designer, her highest value as a person is integrity.