Services We Support

Children with clefts need more than just surgery. 

Teen boy after cleft surgery

Treating the Whole Patient

Smile Train believes in treating the whole patient through programs that provide access to quality surgery and other comprehensive cleft care services.

Comprehensive cleft care includes essential treatments beyond cleft surgery, such as nutrition services, orthodontic and general dental care, speech therapy, and emotional support, all intended to ensure long-term, successful rehabilitation.

Medical Procedures and Therapy

an operating room

Cleft Surgeries

Smile Train supports 100%-free cleft surgeries for children whose families could not afford it otherwise.

speech therapy session

Speech Therapy

Even after surgery, many children with clefts will often need specialized services to address their cleft’s lingering impact on their speech. 

Baby gets weighed

Nutrition Services

Nutrition is the first intervention children with clefts need, as surgery cannot be safely performed on a malnourished child. 

dental training with oversized toothbrush

Dental and Orthodontics

Missing, small, extra, and crooked teeth are common in children with clefts even after surgery. Specialized dental services are thus vital to ensuring these children’s full rehabilitation.

child is comforted by Smile Train staff

Emotional Support

Even after surgery, children with clefts may have visible scars and speech impediments that can make them feel stigmatized. Counseling and mental health support are crucial to healing from a cleft. 

Empowering Local Doctors


Smile Train provides essential training and educational opportunities to cleft surgeons, anesthetists, nurses, and related medical professionals around the world. Since 1999, we have sponsored tens of thousands of scholarships, surgical training resources, workshops, and symposiums.


Smile Train provides our partners with the essential equipment and supplies they need to perform safe, high-quality cleft surgery, including pulse oximeters, sutures and other cleft surgical instruments, operating rooms, and much more.


Smile Train has played a vital role in developing some of the most cutting-edge advances in cleft care, including our award-winning Virtual Surgery Simulator and our speech therapy app called “Speech Games & Practice.”

Building and Maintaining a Community

press conference

Educating the Public

Smile Train raises awareness about clefts through domestic and international public service announcements, our advisory bodies, the media, government institutions, and our network of partner hospitals and volunteers.

mother holds child needing surgery

Finding Those in Need

Smile Train launches patient outreach campaigns to reach children even in the remotest areas. Our methods include radio advertisements and programs, flyers, local newspaper ads, media articles and stories, collaborations with government institutions and other organizations for patient referrals, social media, SMS/text message alerts, and more. 

New hospital opens in Central Africa

Financial Aid

For some patients, even if cleft surgery is 100% free, the cost of getting to or from the hospital can make it inaccessible. We have special programs that give small allowances for out-of-pocket costs such as travel, lodging, and food that make cleft treatment possible for those who need it most.